5.4.8 Patch: Preliminary results

As many were anticipating, a new patch is on the way and it’s going to bring us a rather relevant change: all timeless isle and SoO gear will be 4/4 upgradeable. This means we will have an avg 588 ilvl with fully upgraded BiS gear.

Aside from being intended as an indirect nerf to SoO (and all available content for that matter), 4/4 upgrades will increase our damage output considerably. Many will be asking: is anything going to change, stat-weight and rotation wise? Well, lets see.

Update 1: Shorter combat lengths (~250 sec; more representative of current encounter avg duration) and improved Unholy rotation. Thanks to Vereesa for the suggestion and Mendenbarr for the SimC Unholy prio list.

Update 2: Rough gear upgrade priority: DW here/Unholy here (higher should be upgraded first)

DW (click at DPS for DPET)
ivl580: 397558 dps
ivl588: 441809 dps (+11.1% dps gain)
Stat weights remain unchanged
Improved DW (w/o SR):
580ilvl: 416444 dps
588ilvl: 462511 dps (+11% dps gain)

DW: As you can see, Soul Reaper becomes effectively inferior to Howling Blast in every possible scenario, so you should safely remove it from your action bar come 5.4.8.

Unholy (click at DPS for DPET)
ivl580: 384343 dps
Str > Hit > Exp > Crit >= Mastery > Haste
ivl588: 429646 dps (+11.8 dps gain%)
Str > Hit > Exp > Crit ~= Haste ~= Mastery
Improved Unholy (FB 2.O):
580ilvl: 422619 dps
588ilvl: 471547 dps (+11.5% dps gain)
Same weights for both ilvls (Str > Hit > Exp > Crit ~= Haste ~= Mastery)

Unholy: Stats are still very close in weight, and slight changes in gemming/reforging are enough to turn the numbers around. As always, haste scale factor should be taken with a grain of salt, as its been historically overvalued by SimC due to sub-optimal AMS soaking and PL usage. Crit remains the to-go stat.

Scaling is almost identical between the two specs, but Unholy gains a tad more from the ilvl inflation. Dual wield still sims higher, even if Unholy performs as good (or better) in real-life scenarios check improved simulations.

Keep in mind that these results are a little over exp and hit cap (around 150-200 each), so there’s a little more dps to extract from there. The difference should be negligible for all intents and purposes of this post, though. I’ll be updating this post with 2H results shortly.






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