Class Tuning Changes and Hotfixes for 12/8

11/12 update: There seems to be a Rune of the Fallen Crusader bug in SimC, making it proc around 10% less of what it should. I will update this post whenever it’s fixed. 

Good news, everyone! Frost has been buffed! Like we all knew, both 1H and 2H were underperforming (relative to Unholy). This seems to have been addressed with the following tuning changes:

  • Death Knight
    • Frost
      • Frost Strike’s damage has increased by 7%.
      • Howling Blast’s damage has increased by 7%.
      • Obliterate’s damage has increased by 7%.

How have these buffs affected the spec? Let’s see:

All results @ 680 ilvl unless noted otherwise
Before Dec 8 hotfixes/SimC Soul Reaper fix (double-dipping on mastery)
 1H: 33929 dps
 2H: 34456 dps
 UH: 35408 dps
After Dec 8 hotfixes/SimC Soul Reaper fix
 1H: 35322 dps 
 2H: 35862 dps 
 UH: 33556 dps 

Other results:

3 targets
 1H: 47574 dps
 2H: 43246 dps
 UH: 56773 dps
ST heavy movement:
 1H: 29384 dps
 2H: 29608 dps
 UH: 30334 dps
 1H: 48691 dps
 2H: 48085 dps
 UH: 56743 dps
ST 695 ilvl:
 1H: 41201 dps
 2H: 41706 dps
 UH: 39450 dps

All in all, Frost is now in a very good position, with both 1H and 2H beating Unholy on pure single target. Unholy keeps pulling ahead once downtime or adds are added in the mix. Both should be viable for Mythic progression.

Unholy trinkets (12/9 updated list)


As one could easily predict since the SimC SR fix, multistrike trinkets are the clear winners now.

Scabbard was buffed and then nerfed again, so both Mythic Highmaul trinkets should perform very similarly to it now.


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