6.1 Unholy Death Knight Results

Hello everyone! As promised, here are the 6.1 results for Unholy Death Knights. If you’re wondering about Frost, here’s a quick FAQ:

q: “What about Frost?”
a: Frost remains unchanged for 6.1. There’s been a slight Rune of the Fallen Crusader RPPM nerf across all specs, but it shouldn’t affect any of the previous results.

q: “Wasn’t Dual Wield Frost a solid alternative to Unholy?”
a: DW is definitely viable with the right gear, but Unholy remains the superior spec.

Unholy 6.1 Simulations (BiS gear, @450 sec)

Plague Leech + Defile
Single target: 44258 dps
Weights: Str (7.11) > Mult (4.46) > Mastery (3.68) > Crit (3.55) > Vers (3.28) > Haste (3.11)3 targets: 62093 dps
Weights: Str (10.56) > Mult (6.45) > Mastery (5.94) > Crit (4.98) > Vers (4.61) > Haste (4.23)5 targets: 84945 dps
Weights: Same as 3 targets.
Unholy Blight + Necrotic Plague
• Single target: 42271 dps
Weights: Str (6.93) > Mult (4.39) > Haste (3.52) > Mastery (3.46) > Crit (3.29) > Vers (3.09)
• 3 targets: 61857 dps
Weights: Str (10.15) > Mult (5.65) ~= Mastery (5.64) > Haste (4.78) > Crit (4.59) > Vers (4.34)
• 5 targets (using Horn of Screaming Spirits and Vial of Convulsive Shadows): 81815 dps
Weights: Str (14.05) > Mastery (8.45) ~= Mult (8.42) > Haste (6.66) > Crit (6.39) > Vers (6.03)


With the 20% buff, Necrotic Plague becomes a much more attractive talent. It offers comparable dps to Defile (which requires near-perfect usage and ideal enemy positioning to produce the simulated results), and can be “gamed” to further improve output on many situations and encounters. However, Defile remains a solid burst ability: you still want to use it on single target (paired with Plague Leech), and on encounters where you can’t efficiently keep up 15 stack NP’s. Breath of Sindragosa is a very interesting talent too, and may have it’s uses depending on how long you can keep it up via AMS soaking, ERW, etc.

Since we’ll be using the Unholy Blight/Necrotic Plague combo very often, I recommend aiming for a healthy balance between multistrike and mastery. At BiS/near BiS gear, both stats should be roughly equal (~1500 unbuffed). On heavy AoE encounters, using Horn of Screaming Spirits instead of Forgemaster’s Insignia is also recommended.

Using Unholy Blight over Plague Leech represents a ~10-15% increase in downtime, so remember you’ll need some haste to avoid prolonged periods of rune starvation (making it hard to keep up a 15 stack NP). AMS-soak wisely.

Last but not least: the Blood Boil bug (where it was resetting diseases, preventing them to properly tick when repeatedly using the ability) has been fixed! Now you can safely spam it (with +4 targets present).

Feel free to ask any questions on the comments pane!



    1. Not really. At that ilvl you’ll be getting potential upgrades pretty often (not only by raiding, but via stage 4 crafted gear, BRF mission caches and Apexis gear), so I recommend using the StatWeightScore addon (with the weights I just posted in case you don’t know how to sim your own) to check what pieces will give you the more potential dps.

  1. also one other question if my gear score is 6.2k thats from this Weights: Str (6.93) > Mult (4.39) > Haste (3.52) > Mastery (3.46) > Crit (3.29) > Vers (3.09)
    whats my single target dps should be

  2. one more question xD omg sorry man i am the only dk in this guild so i had alot of questions going through my head

    from previous testings on the ebon gargoyle I’ve noticed that it benefits from your stats gains procs and etc so what i do is save it tell i use my trinket + prepot + trinket proc and then use it

    1. Hello there! You should sim (or check on askmrrobot) your own gear, since 4pc dps gains depend on your haste %. I recommend going for 4pc unless you’re dropping dramatically on ilvl (e.g. 685 off to 670 tier to get 4pc) as a result.

      You should use garg on your opener (where it should line perfectly with prepot and trinkets) and everytime it’s off CD. Don’t delay your trinkets (if you’ve got on-use ones): it’s a dps loss.

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